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  • MIDI synthesizer you can use

    Whats new in version 0.6.132:
    • "Send SysEx messages" on "MIDI out" tab of configuration window is ticked by default now that SysEx output works.
    • Fixed bug: Between runs, custom MIDI-in channel mapping is remembered and automatically restored, but picture on configuration window shows default mapping (in=out).
    • When exitting Bawami, "ALL NOTES OFF" is now transmitted if using MIDI output to avoid stuck notes.
    • Full support for transmitting SysEx messages when using MIDI output! (Completely re-wrote MIDI output code; now uses Windows MIDI APIs directly, instead of MIDIIO2K.OCX. However, MIDIIO2K.OCX is still used for MIDI input.)
    • Fixed bug: Between runs, master volume is remembered correctly and slider position is restored but volume is actually 100% until changed.
    • When using live MIDI input, last byte of a SysEx message is no longer ignored (fixes XG Reset and many other messages not being recognised when received on live MIDI input).
    • Whether "Loop" checkbox on main window is ticked or not is now saved between runs i...

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